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About Us

The Slaughter Instrument Company, Inc., in Benton Habor, Michigan, was founded by George Slaughter in 1914 who owned the Slaughter-Hill Funeral Home. He could not find the embalming equipment he wanted, so he started making them. He discovered that he liked making them, and passed the business down to his son Joe Slaughter. Both were very good machinists. The current owner bought the company from Joe in 1968, and after a few training sessions with Joe, they were able to carry on with what the Slaughters started.

Still a Family Business

We’re still a family business and use only the finest materials available. This ensures that our products are one step above the rest. We cover the entire Western world, though you can’t always get equipment right away since it’s made by hand. It can take up to four weeks for a tool to become available. We also do tours through our facility, with gentle tours covering delivery methods, to all-encompassing tours that cover all the tools.

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